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17.11.14It’s complicated Colombia

In September I flew to Bogota, Colombia on my first sourcing trip. I was pumped, brimming with enthusiasm and ready to meet the farmers who grow the coffee we roast and drink, asking them hundreds of questions about it. Once we got to Bogota we headed to South Huila one of the newer coffee growing regions […]


‘Limited’ Panama, Finca Lerida, Geisha, Mircrolot La Miel De Los Colibri (Honey From The Hummingbird) Coffee Supreme’s 21st Birthday Coffee Available for New Zealand and International Pre-Order now. Available in Australia late November. ————————————————– Finca Lerida is a coffee plantation with unrivalled pedigree in a country abound with quality producers. Like some other big names in […]

Win Tickets To Finding Vivian Maier23.10.14

We are proudly supporting the release of the documentary film Finding Vivian Maier coming to cinemas this November 6th.

30.09.14Alexandra Lederman – Circles and Coffee Cups

Alexandra Lederman is a Melbourne based artist who draws on coffee cups, amongst other things. We found Alex after spotting one of her creations on the shelf of a cafe we work with, and knew we’d have to find a way to work together. We invited her along to Gertrude Stein’s with our friends from […]

15.09.14Federal Delicatessen Instagram competition

Coffee Supreme is now serving at Al Brown’s famous Federal Delicatessen in the heart of Auckland’s CBD. We’ve joined our good friends Havana Coffee Works to each offer a filter coffee choice. Our filter option will be a showcase of the coffee’s country of origin and will change every few months. Be sure to ask your host about what coffees […]

Going To Source03.09.14

How Supreme brings coffee to New Zealand If there’s one factor about coffee that we would describe as inescapable, it’s that the only way to consistently find quality coffee is by spending time in the countries where our coffees are grown. Every year our roasters spend hundreds of hours perched in plane seats as they travel […]

28.08.14Meet the Producer – Carolina Padilla

  Carolina Padilla is a mother and a lawyer. She runs her own nutrition skin and beauty centre, as well as being the driving force and owner behind Finca San Antonio in El Salvador. She loves coffee and the people she meets through coffee. Carolina is the latest of three generations of producers who’ve grown […]

CSL & I Love Ugly Barista apron19.08.14

It’s the age-old story of people coming together over coffee and sharing ideas that started this collaboration. The team from I Love Ugly would often stop by Good One to join the weekly coffee tasting and it was only a matter of time before the ‘we should do something together’ line came out.

Passé The Filter13.08.14

There’s a small amount of irony in the fact that in the same year Coffee Supreme turns 21, New Zealand is seeing filter coffee commanding more bench space at your local cafe than ever before. As our roastery “comes of age”, having spent its formative years espousing espresso, we’re seeing a more mature view emerge amongst coffee drinkers […]