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17.07.15Latte Art Tips and Tricks

Learning to texture perfect milk, to add to a perfectly pulled espresso shot has been the focus of just about every eager coffee-maker we’ve had through the doors of our training department over the years. It’s a question we’re often asked, so we decided to enlist two of our latte art superstars and pull together […]

23.06.15Good Bye Good One

Just over a decade ago, Supreme set sail for the city of sails, signed the lease on a shabby warehouse down a skinny side street in Ponsonby, and set about establishing itself as a trusted coffee roaster in Auckland. A key part in that process was the establishment of Good One. Until Good One, Supreme […]


2014 marked our 21st birthday as Coffee Supreme and to celebrate we published a book called Twenty-One Stories, telling a few tales from over the years. We’re going to start sharing some of those stories over the coming months. First up is Chris’ giving his account of how it all started. Supreme is 21 this year – […]

21.04.15Gear Patrol, Lands Afar. A New Zealand Travel Guide

The traveling documentary team from the US based website Gear Patrol recently visited our shores to explore and experience some what New Zealand has to offer. We had the pleasure of meeting with Jack Seemer and Sung Han to sit, chat and have a coffee. After a tour of our roasting facilities here at Hopper St, we […]

Win A Year’s Supply Of Coffee09.04.15

How does a year’s worth of coffee sound? We’re launched a competition in celebration of our new location, Supreme Supreme, in Christchurch.

08.04.15Fresh Is Best

Roasted coffee is a lot like freshly baked bread, leave it around for too long and it goes stale. In the best-case scenario, storing whole bean coffee in an airtight container, you can have up to several weeks of great tasting coffee with the first two weeks the best your coffee will ever taste. After a […]

20.02.15Coffee Supreme, Twenty-One Stories

Twenty-One Stories is now available through our online stores in New Zealand and Australia. 2014 was a milestone year for Coffee Supreme as we celebrated 21 years of roasting coffee for New Zealand. The year was a coming of age for us, just as it is for many of us who turn 21. As we […]

02.02.15On the Coffee Trail: Central America 2015

Over the next few weeks our head coffee roaster, April, will be cupping her way through the great coffee regions of Central America. Every fews days she’ll send us part of her daily diary, which we’ll publish, so you can get a little insight in to how we get great coffee to you. Check out […]

17.11.14It’s complicated Colombia

In September I flew to Bogota, Colombia on my first sourcing trip. I was pumped, brimming with enthusiasm and ready to meet the farmers who grow the coffee we roast and drink, asking them hundreds of questions about it. Once we got to Bogota we headed to South Huila one of the newer coffee growing regions […]