Coffee For The Office

It's a Coffee Supreme service that lets us share the way we do coffee in our own office.

Powered by our delicious coffee and the brilliant filter machines by our friends at Moccamaster, Coffee For The Office is an annual subscription where the coffee arrives every Monday morning. 

We know that coffee isn’t meant to be hard. Instead, it should be delicious, shareable and readily available.

So be like Coffee Supreme - drink filter. It’s like water, but cooler.

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Postcard Packs

Texts and emails are cool, but how good does it feel to open your letterbox and find something other than noise complaints and bills? Treat the special people in your life (maybe that's you) with a Coffee Supreme Postcard.

Get a KeepCup

KeepCup are the original reusable coffee cup. Available in a range of styles, colours, and sizes.

Coffee Supreme Instant

The best coffee, when you can't have the best coffee.
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In previous lives, lots of the Coffee Supreme team were baristas, cafe owners, dishwashers, furniture designers, there’s even a pro skater in there somewhere. Our collective knowledge covers all you need to know to open a great spot. We're here to help you create great coffee experiences for your customers. Consider us the coffee department of your business.

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About Coffee Supreme

Coffee Supreme

When we started out in ’93, we roasted coffee for ourselves, pretty much because we were some of the few people around to drink it. Two decades and several waves later, our focus has grown a little broader - our customers, our friends.

It's tempting to get caught up in the latest and greatest, but we try to remember who we are doing this for and what it is we do best: roasting delicious coffee and creating meaningful coffee experiences for folks who simply love coffee.
So now we roast coffee for our amazing customers; be they café owners or enthusiastic home brewers - coffee drinkers! And luckily, we still get to drink it too.

At the heart of Supreme is people, and the way coffee connects us. 

Perhaps our core product is not in fact coffee, but instead, what happens over a coffee shared - generous hospitality.