Coffee Supreme Press - Supporting The Arts
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
16 May 2018

Here at Coffee Supreme, we love a good cuppa. That goes without saying. The smell, the taste, the process of making said taste… We love it all. But, really, the thing we love the most is what happens over a cup of coffee. The laughs, the business-time chats, the ideas that flow.

It goes without saying that often art, in some form, is present during these shared experiences. Whether you’re listening to Def Leppard, flicking through the latest Monocle or using your lovingly-chewed-Staedtler for a morning scribble, the ‘arts’ are there.

Over the past 25 years Coffee Supreme has supported a vast variety of organisations, from charities, non-for-profits and community groups to artists, movie-makers and musicians. We strongly believe that our company can do a whole lot more than simply sell cups of coffee; it’s the social equity that happens over a cup of coffee that gets us up in the morning.

So, we thought it’s time to make it ‘official’. Coffee Supreme Press is the name we’ve given to this foundation of sorts. Through this platform, we aim to help support artists achieve their goals or overcome hurdles they might need a hand with, and hopefully be a stepping stone to their future success.
Each new project is qualified by a small Coffee Supreme Press committee before establishing the scope of each project. We’re looking to support applicants that share a common set of values and culture that Coffee Supreme strives to foster.

The first two Coffee Supreme Press projects have involved working with emerging unsigned music artists. We were able to assist with the production of limited release records so they could get some vinyl out into the world. We’re not trying to be a full-blown record label, but we do like helping people make records.

We get great enjoyment from being able to support the arts and we’d like to do so in all the cities we call home.

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