Salute the Reuser
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
17 June 2019

A couple of weeks back, Wellington City Council announced their plans to stop accepting compostable cups at Capital Compost, one of their composting facilities. Of course, as a Wellington-founded coffee company, this has huge impacts on us. So, we sat down with Tim Norriss, Coffee Supreme’s Food and Beverage Manager, to discuss what this means for us and what we can do about it.

Q: Tell us a little about what you do at Coffee Supreme.

Tim: I look after Coffee Supreme’s hospitality and retail sites across New Zealand and Australia! I’m pretty lucky, I travel a lot and get to work alongside our awesome hospo teams. Largely, I make sure the sites are living up to expectations - ours and yours!

Q: What does the Council’s announcement mean for Coffee Supreme’s hospitality sites?

Tim: It’s definitely an interesting one! In using compostable cups, we made a conscious effort to meet both our customer's needs (in having takeaway cups at all) and our own environmental views. Our takeaway cups, sourced from Ecoware, are a plant-based option made entirely from renewable resources. They're the next best option. While it's disheartening Capital Compost have stopped the collection of these cups, Ecoware is working alongside Wellington City Council to find a solution to continue to compost our takeaway coffee cups in Wellington, as they are elsewhere around the country. On the other hand, though, it sheds light even further on our industry's issues of single-use plastic packaging, allowing us to champion products that we’ve supported forever (go KeepCup!). All while continuing to work towards the goal of reducing plastic waste by promoting either plant-based or reusable products for you to enjoy your daily brew in.

Q: What are Coffee Supreme's New Zealand based coffee shops doing to support the announcement?

Tim: We want everyone to go reusable, so we are going to roll out 25% discount on all KeepCups until the end of July. And we are going to shout you a coffee when you buy a new KeepCup to break it in. We are also going to up the price of using a takeaway cup.

Q: Hit us with your top three tips on being more environmentally friendly.

Tim: I’m not an environmental visionary by any means:
Keep it simple, ask yourself if you need it in the first place.
Don't be afraid to ask. It’s never embarrassing to want to be better at looking after the environment.
Be creative!

Q: Super quick, what’s your favourite mug to drink out of

Tim: A good friend of mine once taught me that satisfaction is drinking delicious coffee out of the crappiest mug you have. It just has to be the right kind of crappy. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

On the back of the Council's announcement, we've whipped up a sweetheart deal on our KeepCup Brew range until the 31st July. Use the discount code SALUTETHEREUSER or follow this link to cash in a 25% discount on your new KeepCup.

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