San Sebastian - Fuego Volcano Relief
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
02 July 2018

On June 3rd, the Fuego Volcano in southern Guatemala experienced an unprecedented eruption covering several villages on the western slopes and surrounding areas in lava, ash and pyroclastic flow. This recent eruption from one of Central America’s most active volcanoes has been the most violent recorded in the last century and has claimed the lives of well over 100 people, with many more missing.

This mountainous area is one of Guatemala’s oldest and most renowned coffee growing regions. For the past six years, we’ve worked closely with the Falla family who are fourth generation coffee farmers. Estuardo Falla operates the farm, producing San Miguel coffees in the Antigua region. One of their farms has been a regular name on our menu over the years, Finca San Sebastian, with a San Sebastian coffee currently featuring on our offer.

It was truly upsetting to learn from Estuardo of how the eruption has affected them, their staff and their community. It breaks our hearts to inform you that Fuego’s eruption has resulted in the loss of three of the company’s team members, eight have been left homeless, and many others lost one or more family members.

Dioni Fuentes, field supervisor for El Tempixque farm, disappeared, leaving behind his wife, a 10-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.
Mynor Sagche, team member at San Miguel Mill, disappeared, leaving behind his parents and sisters.
Dorian López, team member at Flora’s poinsettia production, disappeared with his family.

We’ll be showing our support and assistance to our friends in this time of tragedy by donating back to San Sebastian in order to aid their recovery efforts. These contributions will help build temporary housing, purchase land for new housing and act as ongoing support of the worker's families and all who have been affected.

When lives have been lost and totally uprooted, it’s easy to feel nothing can be done to turn such a devastating situation around. However, every bit helps and in this situation we can help.

We’d love your support to raise funds to pass onto our friends in need. The easiest way to support these efforts is by simply buying a bag of their delicious San Sebastian here.

Grab a bag of San Sebastian here.

Update - November 2018

Thanks to your support and purchases of the San Sebastian were able to send $3000 to the Falla family to assist the community there. We still have some of their coffee available.

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