The New Zealand AeroPress Champs - The Winner of the Race To Seoul
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
27 July 2017

The race to Seoul stopped by Tāmaki Makarau on Saturday, as baristas and lay-people and guys dressed in Hawaiian shirts got pumping on the ‘Press for the NZ leg of the World AeroPress Champs. We at Supreme are proud to have been hosts of the NZ leg as we welcomed the coffee community to our new HQ in Auckland.

A chance purchase of a derelict slot car track on TradeMe saw the theme set. Inspired by the Le Mans sports car endurance race, Team Supreme decked out 376 Great North Road (our new Auckland HQ) with racing stripes, themselves with pitstop overalls, and the aforementioned slot car track with cars, expertly restored to glory by techie extraordinaire Jason High Polish Pipi.

57 competitors took to the stage, and the heats were hot throughout the afternoon. There were tears, cheers, and a lot of coffee. We were even treated to some impromptu breakdancing from Shinji of Luca Coffee, while his brew did it’s thing. Our Kenyan Karimikui was the competition brew, and with cupping spoons in hand, our superstar lineup of judges slurped and spluttered their way through the heats. Thanks guys, you were great. With ‘80s music cranking, the break before the finals saw chips be eaten, beers be drunk, and burgers demolished. Then, like your favourite uncle’s terrible mullet in reverse, it was time for all party out the front with business ticking away at the back. And we love to party.

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For the second year running, and with consistently unanimous big-fingers-pointing-to-yes from the judges, Woohyung Lee from Camper Coffee was deemed the champion. Shot Lee. He’s made to to the final leg of the race is off to Seoul. Second place was taken by Edward Chae the newest barista to join Geeks on Sainsbury, and third place went to Allan Wrath. Heroes, the lot of you.

We love a party, and party we did, but we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors—
Westpac, Sherborne Packaging, ACME & Co. and Urbanaut Brewing Co came to the party in more ways than one.
We were also helped over the finish line by our mates at La Marzocco, Ecoware, Karma Cola, Antipodes, Paperboy, Fellow, Cafe Imports Australia and Burger Burger.

Oh and hey, guess what? We’re hosting the American leg too. We’ll see you in Seattle.

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