The Gitesi Project
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
30 April 2018

We’re humbled to bring you a product that’s all for good.

The Gitesi Project is the brainchild of Tim Williams. It’s a grassroots charity that aims to improve the financial stability of coffee-farming families in Karongi, Rwanda. It does so by engaging in a practice called the Girinka Program, which translates as ‘may you have a cow’. The gifting of a dairy cow is an invaluable asset to under-resourced families. The cows not only provide year-round nourishment, but also a supplementary income and they naturally fertilise the soil of their coffee trees - which in turn stabilises future years incomes. As you can see, the Gitesi Project is doing awesome work.

It doesn’t stop there - the Gitesi Project coordinates supporters who volunteer their time and skills to roast, pack and sell coffee from the Gitesi washing station. This is where we come in...We’ve bought a very limited amount of Gitesi, roasted and bagged it and we’re excited to share this with you.

100% of the profits go directly to the farmers in Rwanda - helping improve their day-to-day living conditions.

With notes of ruby grapefruit, milk chocolate and almond praline, Gitesi is a smooth single origin espresso. It’ll leave a sweet taste in your mouth for other reasons.

Go on, grab a bag and do your bit here.
And if you want to read a little more about The Gitesi Project you can over here.

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