Hop Nation x Coffee Supreme
27 June 2019

The Husk was created with our friends at Hop Nation to celebrate the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular earlier this year. The result was a NEIPA infused with Coffee Supreme Cascara coffee cherry tea.

Cascara, which means “husk” in Spanish, is the dried skin of the coffee cherry. Once the coffee bean has been removed from the cherry, the fruit is then dried naturally in the sun. Not just a byproduct of coffee processing, but a bona fide drink in its own right.

Traditionally cascara is steeped in hot water to become a refreshing tea but, in this case, it has been used to infuse the beer. Added richness comes thanks to the bees at Melbourne Rooftop Honey, making The Husk a hazy, hoppy flavour bomb.

Hop Nation’s co-owner Duncan Gibson and brewer Eli Haines were so happy with the result, they put it into production again. Ash Pearce, our Melbourne based Marketing ace took some photographs and asked them a few questions over a cold one.

Q: I’ve just arrived on the planet, who is Hop Nation?
Duncan: Hop Nation is a Footscray based craft brewery. Proudly independent, we take our job seriously making well thought out beers that push boundaries.

Q: What’s the idea behind The Husk?
Duncan: We wanted to collaborate with our mates at Coffee Supreme, but not just do the obvious by putting coffee in beer. We love playing around with NEIPAs so when we heard about Cascara it seemed like it would work really well. And it did!

Q: What led you both to the brewing industry?
Duncan: I come from a winemaking background, so when deciding to leave wine there was a variety of reasons to start brewing, the main one was free beer!
Eli: My brother had a textbook about alcohol, and there was a section about beer in the back, and that was all I could afford.

Q: The biggest beer cliché right now is:
Duncan: Milkshake IPA.
Eli: Dessert stout.

Q: Favourite toast topping?
Duncan: Marmite.
Eli: Cheese.

Q: Filter or espresso?
Duncan: Filter.
Eli: Filter! Espresso is dead.

Q: #1 Melbourne snack/meal under $10?
Duncan: Banh Mi - Nhu Lan - Footscray.
Eli: Banh Mi or dumplings.

Q: Favourite beer?
Duncan: Double Brown also Cuvee de Ranke is not too bad.
Eli: Pilsner Urquell.

Q: What other breweries do you look up to?
Duncan: All of them!
Eli: Dugges in Sweden.

Q: What else is Hop Nation up to right now?
Duncan: We have just launched our sour beer brand SITE. Mixed fermentation sour beer packaged in a can. The first release was Lapin a sour blond aged on Victorian cherries.
Eli: We’re organising a sour beer festival called Blobfish Beer Fest. You should come!

The Husk is available to take home and on tap at Hop Nation Brewing Co, Unit 6, 107-109 Whitehall St, Footscray, Victoria 3011.
Follow them on Instagram at @hopnationbeer

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