Know Your Limiteds
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
03 April 2017

Our new Limited Espresso blend is intentionally different.

Traditionally our blends are about consistency. We use several coffees, each with a specific character, and blend them to create a profile that doesn’t occur naturally in any one coffee. It means we can maintain a flavour profile that stays constant despite sometimes changing ingredients. Our new Limited Espresso blend allows us celebrate the differences between coffees and their flavours—it’s for the people who want to broaden their tastes and try something a little different in their espresso.

All coffee is seasonal. While the seasonal aspect takes a bit of a back seat with our mainstay blends, we wanted seasonality to ride shotgun with the Limited Espresso. It’s like the chef’s special—an interesting offering that makes the best of what’s available and interesting within each season. It gives us the chance to work with many of our exciting single origin procurements, while also expressing what we’ve learnt over the years.

With each new edition, the focus will be about balance. We want to showcase new coffees, while creating an offering that tastes awesome black, as well as making for a more exciting flat white.

While we were at it, we also created a Limited Blend for Filter. The filter coffee space is traditionally preoccupied with single origins—we wanted to bring something new to the mix. We've taken our practices of crafting espresso blends and applied them to the world of filter.

The Limited Filter Blend, just like the espresso is designed to celebrate the unique attributes of each coffee in the blend, to reflect the ever-evolving selection of coffees that arrive at our roastery. Some single origins can be a little linear in their profile, but through blending, we are able to create a product that is more complex, with way more dimension.

The Limited Filter Blend is perfect for all filter brewers, from your batch-brewing Fetco to the office Moccamaster or the gold filter you use at home.

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