La Soledad Story - 5 minutes with Raúl Pérez
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
06 September 2018

We’re excited to introduce a limited release of two delicious filter coffees from Guatemala: introducing Rainmaker and Centroamericano from La Soledad.

La Soledad is run by the Pérez family, brothers Raúl and José and their mother and father, Mercedes and Henio. After six years of working alongside this talented family, we’ve formed a pretty tight relationship. We’re excited to share another year of their coffees with you.

Although hailing from the same farm, each coffee is a different varietal. The first, Rainmaker is a Geisha varietal. Although, originally an Ethiopia varietal, the Geisha plants have adapted well to La Soledad’s conditions, resulting in a beautifully balanced coffee.

The second coffee, Centroamericano, which will be released on the 27th of September, is a new coffee variety called the F1/H1 hybrid. These have been developed to help battle the increasing threats that traditional varieties have been facing from climate change-related diseases such as Roya. There are only a handful of F1 hybrid coffee varieties in the world, most developed in the last 10 years, and only recently commercially available to farmers. This is the first time we have been able to source this exciting new variety and we couldn’t be more pleased that it has come from our friends at La Soledad.

So, we sat down, over the internet and had a chat with Raúl Pérez.

Why is it called Rainmaker?
I think Heath called it Rainmaker. We needed rain at the farm and Heath was here when it rained for the first time in weeks.

Why is it important to develop new varieties of coffee trees?
Having different varieties of coffees, prevents diseases from spreading so easily - by having different genetics is harder to spread the disease. Also, different by having more flavour profiles on the farm, we can reach different markets and we can give our customers more diversity.

How will this affect your farm?
It’s always a process for us. First, we have to trial the variety we want to put in for a couple of years. This shows us if the coffee trees adapt to our environment and will produce the quality we are looking for.

How do you feel seeing your coffee for sale on the other side of the world?
It’s provides a sense of pride and responsibility. Pride to see that all the work and effort done by our family and workers is remembered with each cup or bag. And a big responsibility to maintain the quality or continue to improve it every year. We like to create new things at the farm.

What work trucks you rocking at La Soledad?
We have two: a red Isuzu from 1998 and a white Ford truck from mid 80's.

How do you brew your coffee at home?
Usually through a chemex for it's clarity.

What’s for breakfast next to your mug of coffee?
Tortillas - tortillas are very important. Also, avena, scrambled eggs, black beans and cream or cheese.

Do you drink other coffee from around the world?
We have the privilege that our partners around the world bring us coffees from all over the world.

It’s exciting to work with Raúl and José, because they are representatives of a new generation of producers who are continuing coffee farming - they’re forward focused and open-minded to new ways of producing coffee and new varieties. It’s amazing to work with a family who’s so passionate about carrying coffee production into the future.

You can grab a bag of Centroamericano here. Centroamericano will be available online from Wednesday 26th and from our locations Thursday 27th September.

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