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WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
29 February 2016

Coffee Supreme presents its latest addition to our retail collection, the Coffee Canister. These canisters are individually handmade in Japan by Kato Seisakujyo, a manufacturer of traditional Japanese tea canisters founded in the 28th year of the Meiji Dynasty (1895) in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Asakusa is a special area of Tokyo that has long been home to many artisans who produce everyday items. Underpinned by over a century’s worth of experience, most of the processes Kato Seisakujyo employ to craft their canisters are done by hand. This approach gives Kato Seisakujyo staff a more intimate relationship with their work and consciously resists automated mass production methods. While this means the daily production output is constrained to only a few dozen units, the result is a product made with care and soul.

Kato Seisakujyo works methodically and meticulously to produce original and unique canisters for a number of stores throughout Japan. Along with tea and coffee, their canisters are used for a range of other household items including nori seaweed and rice crackers. The Coffee Supreme Coffee Canister are the first Kato Seisakujyo canisters to be exported beyond the shores of Japan.

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Though the tools and equipment have been replaced and updated through necessity, Kato Seisakujyo’s manufacturing process remains remarkably similar throughout the decades. First, the tin bases and internal lids are die cut followed by the main cylinder which is rolled and cut. The outer lids are then cut and folded. Once each component is complete, they are formed together into a canister that is individually sprayed by hand and then heat cured in a kiln. The last stage is the graphic element application which is made using a silkscreen process before being left to dry.

We’d like to thank our friend Satoshi Hashimoto of Apollo Coffee Works who was a key collaborator in creating our new canisters. A special thanks to Akihiro Osugi and Yoshio Miyashita for documenting the production process on our behalf.

Special Thanks:
Kato Seisakujyo
Satoshi Hashimoto – APOLLO COFFEE WORKS
Yoshio Miyashita – SIPHON GRAPHICA
Akihiro Osugi

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