On The Tools with Max Blackmore
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
03 April 2018

Max Blackmore is a well-known, well-respected, Melbourne-based illustrator and stick and poke tattoo artist. We sat down with Max to give you a bit of insight into who’s behind our latest collaboration; a limited edition run of tees. You can snag one here.

Tell us more Blackmore...

I’ve just arrived on the planet, who is Max Blackmore?
A Jack of many trades and master of a couple .... Maybe.

What lead you to freelance instead of working for some big studio?
After a long stint in the hospo/coffee sector and dabbling in a creative career on the side a few years back I decided to jump in and try it out full time, it has been and still is a very bumpy ride but Naarm (Melbourne)/Australia seems to be one of those places.

What’s your morning routine; what’s your favourite toast topping? Do you eat straight from the breadboard standing in your undies, or sit down with a plate? Light or dark roast? Filter or espresso?
I'm done with morning carbs, but I do scull a smoothie in my undies washed down with a mug of filter.

Smooth or crunchy?
Always crunchy. Smooth is for criminals.

#1 Melbourne snack/meal under $10?
Man the list is too long, but currently it has to be a Spicy Potato Borek and a Zucchini Fritter from the Vic Market Borek Shop.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
My dog.

Long sleeves or stick n pokes?
Pokes, but always respect a sleeve developed over a long period by heaps of artists.

#1 hot tip for better stick n pokes?
Get more.

The biggest design cliché right now is:
The colour yellow.

Artline or Staedtler?

Favourite comic as a kid?

Where do you look to for inspo?
Books and the biggest picture book - Instagram. It's a one stop shop!

What question are you dying to answer that we haven’t asked?
Why is the Space Jam website still running? Seriously though check it out, it's amazing and it's been there for 22 years.

What’s the answer?
You tell me!!

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