Raise The Bar — Barista Soap by Sphaera
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
26 March 2018

Each year we try and challenge ourselves to come up with a unique Christmas gift worthy of presenting to our beloved wholesale customers across New Zealand, Australia and this year, Japan. While a bottle of wine or next year’s calendar are classics, we see this as an opportunity to foster a working relationship with some local makers, producers and craftspeople.

We’ve brewed beer, made board games, designed socks, but 2017 saw the extension of our Barista range. Not only do Barista’s socks get grubby, their hands get dirty too.

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So, we approached Wellington based soap maker, Ali Johnson to make us one of her beautiful Sphaera soaps. Not only are Sphaera soaps really pretty, they’re also made from top notch ingredients, making for a better bar. Barista Soap is made using our Supreme Blend coffee grinds, brewed coffee and coffee infused olive oil. Sphaera soaps also use an organic Fairtrade cocoa butter as the base, which makes it super creamy and delicious.

Ali is quite the one person operation. Beavering away in her lab, she mixes, pours, and hand cuts all of her soaps. Her attention to detail and dedication to her craft produces not only great soaps, but beautiful objects in their own right.

We’re honored to have worked so closely with another one of our neighbours to make something we’re proud of.

Grab a bar and raise it.

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