THE Ratio Series
WRITTEN BY Benn Crawford
21 March 2016

Espresso is arguably the most dynamic form of coffee preparation. Where other brewing methods like filter and plunger aim to minimise their influence on coffee, the modern take on espresso sits at the other end of the spectrum. Espresso preparation puts every variable on the table, from extraction time and temperature to the pressure profile and water flow rate. This precision allows us to draw out the very best of what a particular coffee has to offer. Consequently, a modern take on espresso blending is needed to match the innovation at the brewing stage of the process.

Enter The Ratio Series, a new collection of espresso blends created by our Wellington based roasting team. New coffee introduced from The Ratio Series will explore different blending recipes with each release offering a new and unique flavour composition.

“We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible in coffee”, says Fraser Lovell, who spearheads our New Zealand research and development programme and developed the upcoming Ratio Series. “With each new harvest offering unique cup profiles and with our coffee sourced from more than a dozen producing nations, we have unlimited combinations of flavours to play with.”

The latest Ratio Series espresso blend is the 6:4, which arrived on our menu late July 2016. 6:4 is a blend made up of two washed coffee varietals. The blends name explains the ratio of each coffee used in the blend, respectively. The blend is made up of 6 parts Pacamara from Finca La Hondurita, El Salvador and 4 parts Pache from Finca Yire, Honduras. Combined, they form a smooth yet complex coffee espresso blend.

6:4 is now shipping New Zealand-wide. Order Online.

"We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible in coffee"
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