It's In The Bag - New Packaging
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
10 September 2018

We’ve been working away at something for some time now. And we’re super excited to share it with you… You could even say we’ve got this one in the bag.

We’ve got fresh new packaging rolling out of the roasting from today (Monday 10th September).

As a company, we get excited about creating delicious and beautiful products. Our excitement for this packaging project stems from a different motivation - the environment. After establishing our own environmental committee to drive positive changes within our business, we’ve been able to make great steps towards reducing our waste and provide more environmentally friendly options for our operations.

Enter our new coffee packaging. Soft plastics recyclable, reduced materials, still awesome for the freshness and quality of your coffee, and sporting that little triangle recyclable logo.

We’ve chosen soft plastics for a number of reasons. We’ve found that ‘biodegradable’ bags aren’t all they are cracked up to be - there remains a high plastic content, it’s just that it’s engineered to break down into smaller particles than normal plastic. And we don’t think it’s cool to send that into the earth or oceans.

We believe that a soft plastic option is the best choice for actually closing the recycling loop. The collection and recycling of soft plastics is quickly becoming commonplace, as there are soft plastic waste solutions available throughout NZ and AUS, as well as our Coffee Supreme locations becoming collection points too.

This means you will be able to drop into any Coffee Supreme location with your soft plastics and we’ll make sure they end up in the right place. Alternatively, you can find your nearest soft plastic collection location here if you’re in NZ and here if you’re in AU.

When you're putting your bags in your soft plastics recycling, pop the whole thing in there - the valve and label belong there too.

We’ve come to realise that there simply isn’t the silver bullet in packaging you might hope for. However, we are proud to have taken a big step towards a better solution. We’ll be continually working closely with our packaging supplier to keep an eye on new packaging technologies as they develop, with the understanding that we can always make changes for the better.

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