The Next Chapter Down South
WRITTEN BY Coffee Supreme
28 September 2018

In 1998, like a budding teenager out of college, we decided we were ready to stretch out, spread our wings. We set our sights on Christchurch: it was the perfect distance from home, the people were known to be a good sort and exciting stuff was happening there.

20 years later, we’ve made great friends, set up a beautiful home in South Town and can proudly say we feel like true, local Cantabrians. If we’re honest, it hasn’t been easy and it’s been touch and go at times. There was the earthquake. Maintaining a successful business while we’re busy putting ourselves back together, mentally and physically, hasn’t been the easiest of challenges. We can’t simply point the finger at Mother Nature. We’ve caused a few shakes all on our own. We were ambitious, perhaps overly so. And we’ve learnt a few things along the way.

Like many great southern stories, it’s taken the most trying conditions to bring the most creative solution out, and this is no different. We’re committed to being able to call Christchurch home.

We’re excited about our next Southern chapter. We will be closing the doors of the current Supreme Supreme on Thursday 4 October, but come early 2019 you can expect a new look at 10 Welles St.

We’ve invited our friends Burger Burger - a well-loved owner-operator in Auckland and soon to be Christchurch - to join us at 10 Welles St. With our powers combined we’ll be offering you the finest cups of coffee and simple, honest burgers from dawn till dusk. Our new communal outdoor area means you can drink your cuppa and down your burger in the sun or keep it cosy inside the cafe. We’ll be bringing some greenery to Welles Street, too.

We’ve been working with Burger Burger for some time now. They’ve hosted a couple of our Supreme Meets, we use their burgers at Supreme events, they use our coffee in their milkshakes, AGMs, staff rooms and other important burger meetings. So we couldn’t be happier to have them saddle up next to us in Christchurch.

We’ll be operating as two separate businesses. With each of us focusing on what we do best, we can guarantee that you’ll receive the best quality eats, drinks and experience. Burger Burger are excited to move to Christchurch and we couldn’t be happier to welcome them to town.

We look forward to having you over.

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