Our coffee shop on Gibbon Street is our dedicated hospitality and retail site in the ever warm and sunny Queensland. The site allows us to showcase our coffee offering and stretch our hospitality muscle by having a roof to host people under.

The coffees offered are ever changing and are a reflection of what's fresh and tasting great from the roastery. You'll find both espresso and batch brewed filter coffee on offer as well as cold options catering to the warmer climate.

As well as drinks on offer, you can pick up your coffee supplies for the home or the office. Bags of beans, brewing equipment, and Coffee Supreme merch are available to purchase from our retail section. There is also a selection of other goods from local producers.

We'll take care of your hunger too, with our simple breakfast and lunch menu available daily.


After several years of serving coffee from under the roastery roof on Balaclava St, we decided to open a site devoted to expanding our hospitality offering.

We were fortunate to be invited to occupy a newly constructed site in development on Gibbon St, not too far from the roastery. Two sets of apartments and with retail and hospitality in the ground levels and alleyway offer a hub of activity for the surrounding neighbourhood.

We initially christened the site 'Day Made' a cheerful reference to the concept of a good coffee making ones day. In 2019, after a refresh of interiors and menu, we reopened the site as Coffee Supreme Gibbon St.

Inspiration & Materials

The shop's direction follows on from our previous hospitality opening of our site Supreme Supreme in Christchurch, New Zealand. The use of natural timbers, tubular steel furniture, and colour choices mimic the clean and bright space created there.

The site posed some challenges with a long and narrow profile and multi-level floor. The upper level provides the majority of the dining area with a large communal table and plenty of outdoor seating out of the blistering Brisbane sun. The narrow section housing the kitchen and coffee bar, which flows outdoors with the opening of the windows on the Gibbon St frontage.

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