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About The Abbotsford Club

Blending warehouse charm with Abbotsford industrial, The Abbotsford Club is the touchpoint for anyone making the trek to our Melbourne roastery. Like many good things in Melbourne, The Abbotsford Club started as an out-of-the-way destination that people either stumbled across by accident or were told about by friends. In naming the place, we liked the idea that people would seek out a club and, once there, feel like they belonged to it. It was with this spirit we named The Abbotsford Club after the neighbourhood it's located in.
On arrival, there’s a courtyard out the front which catches all-day sun, with plenty of room for the pedal-prone to rack up their bikes. Once inside, a large communal table takes pride of place in a space that is both open and intimate.
Primarily, The Abbotsford Club is there to serve our great coffee. A rotating menu of single origins and blends is available as either espresso or filter drinks. There’s a tasting flight for those with a bit of extra time on their hands, and the ‘Barista’s Choice’ is always an option for those wanting to be more adventurous with their daily coffee. Six Barrel Soda and complimentary sparkling water round out the drinks menu.
Homemade Bircher and sandwiches (including a smashing ham-and-cheese toastie) are the backbone of the food menu. These are complemented by a selection of sweets from Little Bertha and cookies from Butterbing.
The Abbotsford Club is also a retail outlet. A range of whole-bean coffee is available, which can be ground to order. For those looking to extend their coffee-at-home experience, there is home coffee-making equipment on show along with all the extras, such as Acme ceramics and brew guides. The team is also on hand with coffee advice if you ever need it.


A little after arriving in Melbourne in 2003, Coffee Supreme needed a space to spread its wings. We found a vacant building on Grosvenor Street, Abbotsford that was once the workshop for the Phoenix biscuit factory. At that time, the neighbourhood was home to a handful of industrial buildings, several vacant lots and the mammoth Carlton & United Breweries on Nelson Street. There were few business and even fewer people. Almost a decade later, the industrial territory is giving way to the spread of Melbourne's growing urban population.

The Abbotsford Club has been present in one form or another since the roller door first opened to our Grosvernor Street roastery in 2008. The focus and experience of the club have evolved over time, mirroring that of Abbotsford itself. In its first iteration, the club was more a showroom for espresso equipment than anything. The transition into a focused hospitality space came as prospective wholesale customers began to drop by to see how Supreme did things. With the desire to better accommodate our guests, along with the growing legion of fans making the trek from across Melbourne city, a shift towards a more fleshed-out café experience began.
With a handful of renovations over the years, most recently in 2014, the trickle of people eventually became a steady flow. The current version of The Abbotsford Club is a focal point for the increasing number of local businesses and new residents of apartment buildings sprouting up around the club.

Inspiration & Materials

The club has been renovated a number of times since it opened. The latest iteration was designed to expand Supreme’s retail offerings and make it easier for customers to stock up on beans while grabbing a brew. Designed and built by Supreme’s Justin Emerson, the space is a mix of white and natural timber surfaces.

The materials and finishes for the space are recycled from an exhibition stand we created for the 2013 Melbourne International Coffee Expo. As the building is still a functioning roastery, pallet racking features as one of the café walls and storage for a few classic espresso-machine boxes. The large communal table that takes centre stage is made from a length of bowling lane salvaged from the long-ago-demolished Northcote bowling alley.

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