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Ethiopia, Guji, Filter

Milk Chocolate & Berries | Floral & Balanced

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Aeropress, Cone Filter, Gold Filter, Chemex Grind, Filter Machine, Plunger Grind

About this Coffee

We’re excited to be able to deliver new Ethiopian coffees with more traceability to their specific growing regions. Previously categorized as a sub-region of larger Sidamo, Guji has now been granted it’s own designation as a region capable of producing coffees with distinct and unique flavour profiles. This washed Guji filter delivers all the great characteristics we know and love about Ethiopian coffee. Expect crisp acidity with floral berry and stone fruit notes, balanced by a smooth chocolatey body and lingering baking spice finish.

Tasting Notes
Floral, Chocolate, Apple Blossom
Baking Spice & Red Currant
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