About Coffee Supreme Midland Park

Situated in Wellington Central, on the shoulder of the ever-popular Midland Park, our flagship retail store, Coffee Supreme Midland Park, is style and substance rolled up into the complete experience for the at-home coffee-lover.
With more than 15 freshly roasted coffees available at any one time, this is the spot for cream-of-the-crop coffee, espresso machines, and brewing devices. At the heart of our Midland Park space are two interactive learning stations. These stations host weekly coffee appreciation classes (aka cuppings), as well as providing hands-on access for product demonstrations, which interested punters can book online for free. There’s even complementary sparkling water to keep your palate on point as you enjoy the freshly brewed coffee available to sample every day.
In a building that started out its life as the city’s police headquarters in 1918, Coffee Supreme Midland Park remains the authority on all things coffee. If you have a question about coffee, they are the ones to see.


Not quite a week after Coffee Supreme New Zealand celebrated its 22nd birthday in 2015, we vacated our legacy store on Woodward Street for a new store 100m away at Midland Park.
The move marked the end of an era, as our 7 Woodward Street site, with its diminutive 14sqm size, served as our first roastery from 1993, before being transformed into the home and heart of our retail operation in 1996.
Since our first roast spilled, Kiwis’ thirst for coffee dramatically has evolved and as a roaster, so have we. However, despite our growth, the focus of our retail team has always been on helping people create the best coffee experience, whether at home, in the office or on the road.

With impending earthquake-strengthening work scheduled for our Woodward Street building, we moved out of ‘the broom closet’ in 2015 to create a new home in the old police headquarters on Waring Taylor Street, which was built in 1918. With a new stage set, our Midland Park base is fully geared towards serving our growing tribe of loyal, engaged customers and beginning the next chapter of Supreme Retail.

Inspiration & Materials

With the help of Bureaux and former Store Manager Bridget Zimmerman, our 68sqm space on the corner of Midland Park and Waring Taylor Street is the brainchild of Supreme Retail Lead Benn Crawford. Designed from the ground up, the space was built to encourage customers to get hands-on with coffee-making equipment and try the breadth of our coffee menu.
The site is anchored with three free-standing benches: two centred around coffee tasting, preparation and appraisals, the third around sales and service. These benches feature large butcher-block counter tops perched on top of a smart assembly of bespoke cabinetry.
The signature timber used is oak, which is paired with textured matte black steel. The custom shelving system was designed by regular Supreme collaborators Proffer. Steel uprights pass through solid oak shelves, fastened with circular washed and brass screws, while cut-out cabinet doors give an intriguing glimpse of what’s inside.

As a place to learn and linger, there is inbuilt window seating, featuring cushions designed and made by Marta Buda tastefully presented alongside miniature succulent gardens. Complimentary sparkling water is offered to guests on arrival while coffee literature is available to read, and exhibits of Supreme’s coffee partners and brand history is on display.
Black-and-white photos, vintage coffee paraphernalia and keepsakes collected by various staff members over the decades are dotted along the walls and shelves in a nod to the two decades before Midland Park. The floor is covered with Persian rugs, with floating bars of LED lighting illuminating the space from above.

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