A story about risk, trying and failing
13 Feb 2017
So many idioms about *success* - they're overwhelmingly everywhere. Even failure quotes are actually quotes about success, all dressed-up in wording...

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Martin Wiesinger (Cropster) Interview
05 Jan 2017
Al Keating interviews Cropster founder Martin Wiesinger. Cropster has quickly become a roaster's best friend and a must have in the specialty...

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Family Business
23 Sep 2016
I recently travelled to Dublin, to attend Re:co, where I was asked to help a few session speakers with their one-liners and to ensure they'd zipped...

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It's Complicated Colombia
21 Jul 2016
In September, I flew to Bogota, Colombia on my first sourcing trip. I was pumped, beaming with enthusiasm and ready to meet the farmers who grow the...

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The Great Appellations of Ethiopia
16 Jun 2016
Known as the cradle of coffee, Ethiopia is the oldest and still one of the most prominent producers in the coffee industry. Despite often being...

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La Soledad Rainmaker Gesha
08 Jun 2016
Our first Limited Release of 2016, the Rainmaker Gesha from La Soledad is a coffee we have been anticipating for some time.

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Limited by Coffee Supreme
16 May 2016
Coffees that make our Limited range are produced in tiny amounts, i.e. micro, if not nano, lots, (1-3 bag lots specifically prepared for us), or...

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The Linea Mini from La Marzocco, Italy
03 May 2016
In the coffee meccas from Melbourne to San Francisco, London to Wellington, La Marzocco has been the global standard for commercial espresso machines...

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The Good One Story
02 May 2016
Auckland was tough going in the beginning. It was never going to be easy, cracking into the biggest market in New Zealand, and up against some of the...

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Sourcing In Africa
26 Apr 2016
Cultivating relationships in the coffee industry is a time-consuming process and one that requires a lot of love and respect.

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Supreme Visits Chemex
22 Apr 2016
The small and hospitable family-owned team took us in, poured fresh coffee, and guided us on a tour of the archives room; of such high standards that...

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CSL x SBS Coffee Soda Syrup
22 Apr 2016
It’s with great excitement we announce the release of a special collaboration with our friends Six Barrel Soda Co. With a good number of warm weeks...

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Sourcing Colombia
21 Apr 2016
Two weeks in Colombia just before Christmas was crazy and busy, but also a totally awesome experience.

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Our Coffee: Sourcing and Purchase
11 Apr 2016
If there's one factor about coffee that we would describe as inescapable, it's that the only way to consistently find quality coffee is by spending...

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The G60
28 Mar 2016
Having settled into the new factory in Kaiwharawhara, and having hired a few more hands, Chris and his new roaster, Heath Cater, set about getting...

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THE Ratio Series
21 Mar 2016
Espresso is arguably the most dynamic form of coffee preparation. Where other brewing methods like filter and plunger aim to minimise their influence.

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The UG22
14 Mar 2016
Having commissioned the G120 / big roaster at Hopper St, we weren’t going to be able to properly move roasting out of Kaiwharawhara until we’d...

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Made in Japan
29 Feb 2016
Coffee Supreme presents its latest addition to our retail collection, the Coffee Canister, individually handmade in Japan by Kato Seisakujyo.

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Why We Blend
08 Feb 2016
The basic idea of blending coffees is to create a flavour profile that is greater than the sum of its parts, so to speak. It’s a similar practice...

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